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  Dr. Kalia is also a forensic psychologist and has a practice specializing in pre-trial forensic psychological evaluations and treatment. He has experience in clinical formulation and psychological management of clients with a forensic history or those who have exhibited such behaviour. A variety of socio-cultural, environmental factors and triggers in assessment of risk are taken into account.

Dr. Kalia has competence to provide Forensic psychological services to Adults, Children, Adolescents , Couples and Families. Expert opinion is offered which is based on recent psychological research, consistent with current practice standards, and individually tailored to the specific questions posed by the referral source.

Expertise in the area:

Sex offender examinations ,Sex offender treatment, Internet child pornography examination

Assessment of dangerousness, re-offense risk assessment or recidivism, juvenile crimes, Evaluation of treatment amenability and rehabilitation potential.

Alcohol Abuse & Impaired Driving Treatment
Understanding Anger & Impulsivity
Domestic Violence and impact on Parenting
Personal Injury and the effects of Trauma
Parental Risk Assessment and Abuse & Neglect of Children

Phallometric Testing (Laboratory in Mississauga)

Phallometric testing using the penile plethysmograph involves the measurement of changes in penile circumference in response to sexual and nonsexual stimuli. Phallometric testing provides objective information about male erotic preference, and is therefore useful for identifying deviant sexual interests.

Evaluations on Persons Charged With a Sexual Crime

Dr. Kalia has been evaluating individuals charged with sexual crimes. These evaluations typically include a comprehensive review of all available medico-legal records, psychological assessment including the use of empirically validated actuarial instruments to assess stable and dynamic risk to reoffend. , phallometric testing (if required), and clinical interview. The final report outlines the individual's diagnosis, their estimated risk to reoffend (Low, Moderate or High), level of psychopathy, sexual deviancy, treatment amenability and other recommendations as appropriate. Given there is no empirical data that supports the predictive validity of actuarial risk assessment tools for juveniles, the overall risk estimate is based on the various sources of information and clinical judgment.

Other General Forensic Behaviour Psychological Evaluations

Through Forensic Psychological Evaluations, Dr.Kalia assists Courts, attorneys, Probation Officers, and their clients to determine pre-sentence mental health states and treatment sentencing recommendations.

  • Alcohol and Drug Evaluations
  • Neuro-psychological testing
  • Dangerousness and Risk Evaluations
  • Sexual Misconduct & Harassment
  • Psychosexual Evaluations
  • Intelligence/Cognitive Evaluations
  • Pre-Sentence Recommendations
Offender Specific Treatment and Therapy

Sex offender Treatment Programs - Outpatient Individual and Group Therapy
Understanding Anger & Abusive Behaviour
Healthy Relationships and Boundaries
Alcohol Abuse Management
Anxiety about upcoming stay in Prison & Adjustment to Community after stay in Prison

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